Our Mission

Our goal is to simplify the process of running your company’s online presence.

What We Are About

We are a strong group of individuals who have come together to help people with the technology problems
that they face online. Coming from different areas of the IT industry, we have come across a lot of
frustration from people trying to find a good, reliable company to handle their website and other online

We are also HUGE fans of data and what it tells us and we strongly believe that data is the most
powerful tool you can use to further your business. We use our own data to further our business and hope
to help other companies use data to further their own. What we really need in America are strong businesses
making money and a huge part of running a strong business is having a strong online presence that customers
can easily find. That is what we want to see and that is what we love to do.

Who We Are

James Borton

Founder and Owner

I’ve always been fascinated by website development and analytics. I really enjoy that feeling of accomplishment when
our group of professionals are able to apply their combined professional knowledge to achieve the results that our
clients are after, whether it’s something in web development or report development when combining different data sets
in creative ways.

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