Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the gathering, analysis, and delivery of key indicators in your business. Gathering and understanding the data about your business is the most useful tool in your arsenal to understand exactly where your business is and the most strategic way to get your business where you would like for it to be. There is incredible power behind looking at every aspect of your business in a digital way and how it has changed over time.

There are a number of factors you can look at to help your business. One of the most widely used indicators is the demographic that purchases your product or uses your service. Knowing the age, gender, income, job fields, and other information can help you determine the best ways to market your business whether online or offline.

There are many other types of data you can gather and analyze about your business. In a world where we use technology for every aspect of our businesses, data rules.

Website Analytics

There are several tools that can be used to analyze your website traffic and determine how your website is being used. We can help you utilize these tools and understand the data that these tools display. This information is extremely valuable to optimize your website to get the most out of your audiences visit. We are able to show you which pages are the most popular, which pages people get to before they leave your website, the most clicked on external links and many other helpful statistics. If you are looking to redesign your website but you aren’t sure where to start, looking at your website analytics is one of the most useful resources to help. We can also help you with the redesign of your website. Check out our responsive web development feature for more information.


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