Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is a fancy term to describe the process of helping your target audience reach your website through search engines like Google or Bing. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but it is! It is one thing to put your information on a website and share that website so people can see it but what you really want to happen is for people to be able to find it who have no idea that it exists. There are many pieces and parts that go into Search Engine Optimization that all do different things and deliver varying levels of results.

Our Services

SEO is an expansive service that covers many different varying degrees of complexity. We know that your business is complex as well and that you have unique requirements. These complexities make it difficult to display a chart that will show you what you will pay for the service so we don’t have one. A quick cursory search of “SEO Services” will show some advertisements showing a set price such as $250, $350, $500, $1000, or some other seemingly random amount that will seem tempting and like the cheapest option. Those services will likely cover a couple of different areas of SEO and they may very well deliver in those areas.

How are we different?

We are different because we will focus on as little or as much as you’d like for us to. If you would like for us to only focus on a few of the bigger items that will quickly help raise your SEO statistics we will be happy to do that for you. What we prefer to do is to look at and optimize every large and small detail as it pertains to SEO and fully optimize your business to give you the best chances of being found in search engines in those organic searches.


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Curious about the different pieces and parts of SEO?

Local vs. Organic

There are two primary forms of SEO to focus on. Depending on your business and strategy, you may want to focus on one or the other. Local SEO is best for those brick and mortar businesses that want to generate more traffic from those in the more local area who can find and visit their business. Organic SEO is more focused for those who want to get their business out there everywhere. It is mostly useful for those companies who offer products or services online that are able to deliver to a much larger demographic area.


Keywords are the actual words and phrases that people put into a search engine to find what they are looking for. It is vitally important in SEO to configure specific and accurate keywords so that your website is found the way that it needs to be. We have several methods of finding the best keywords to garner the most traffic to your site.

Competitive Analysis

One of the best ways to optimize search engine results is to look at what your competitors are doing (and not doing) and determine the best way to do better. We use several methods of checking out how they are ranking in different search engines and we utilize those methods and come up with creative solutions to build you up around your competition.

Website Optimization

Did you know that different website elements, like the h1 HTML tag and the page title, make a difference in how you show up in search engines? We look at how your website is currently setup and make suggestions on how to better configure your website for the best SEO results. We also offer services to make those changes for you and to completely redesign your website if that is the route that you would like to take.

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